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Central Indiana’s Premier Powder Coating Service

Schafer Powder Coating

Powder Coated TOUGH(tm) - Schafer Powder Coating

At Schafer Powder Coating our mission is to offer our partners a consistent, high-quality, powder coating service. Our expertise stems from ten years of coating a variety of products for many applications. During this time we have accumulated a respectable wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to modern powder coating technology. We understand that each specific powder coating application may pose a unique set of challenges. This experience and knowledge enables us to offer highly flexible, cost-effective service to customers with many different needs.

One of the largest factors in making our part price competitive is conveyor line density. By working closely with our Customers and suppliers, we are able to design racking and masking systems that will maximize both line density and transfer efficiencies. We will offer you, our valued customer, personal advice to optimally satisfy your powder coating requirements. Together, we will proactively address all possible challenges prior to us rendering you our first class service.

• State of the Art Application Booth
• Automatic Guns with Oscillating Controls
• Separate Dry-Off and Curing Oven Controlled by Independent
• Six Stage Pretreatment System with a Deionized
   Water Halo Rinse
• Temperature and Humidity Controlled Application Facility
• Capability of Running a 72" x 36" x 144" Part
• Conveyor belt capable of 9 a minute speed


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