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Quality Assurance

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The caliber of your coater shows up in their quality control system and with custom coaters. Their quality is your quality! QS/ISO 9000 is not measure of quality, but a method of getting there, we use our own quality process and measurements to assure optimal quality and system performance. Part after part we proudly stand behind our work. We would be happy to share our data with you (on request) or we will gladly talk about quality control and the type of jobs we run regularly.

A summary of some of our quality tests:
Every 30 minutes:
Check coating film build (thickness)
Check coating gloss
Check oven temperatures v/s set points
Confirm line speed
Every 2 hours:
Check entire pretreatment washer, including: concentration,
   temperature, spray pressure, conductivity, pH, make-up flow
   rate, test deionized water quality.
On a Daily basis by random sample or request:
Coating hardness test
Crosshatch adhesion test
On a Monthly basis:
Salt spray tests done on parts at an independent laboratory


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